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In March 2008 a large area in central New Brunswick was incorporated as the Rural Community of Upper Miramichi (RCUM), thus taking responsibility of administering the lands of 16 communities from the provincial government (formerly Local Service Districts).

The newly incorporated RCUM secured professional staff at Elite Engineering In June 2009 to draft a Community Plan and By-laws. Elite Engineering assisted the RCUM in forming their first Planning Advisory Committee and guided the committee through the steps necessary in creating the Plan.


A public questionnaire was distributed throughout the community and 2 public information open house sessions were held in order to properly address the concerns of the community. The plan was modified to a 5th and final draft in February 2010.

The 50-page Plan includes a Goal statement with Policy Objectives, policy regarding land and land use, engineering standards with regards to building and development, parking and traffic, signage, a permit by-law, land-use by-law, safety and noise and nuisance by-law, a Zoning and Land Use Map, and 5 appendices of related mapping, standards and forms.

Elite has performed a conceptual design and 3D Rendering, pro bono for a local Fredericton athletics group, of upgrades to a current 166.67m indoor track facility at the Nashwaaksis Field House. The design calls for upgrading the current flat design to include banked turns. Notice that the outside lane has been kept flat so that it can be used by athletes during slower paces needed for warm-up, cool-down, and recovery between faster intervals.



The design includes optimization of the curvature and angle for the target running speeds of training and racing athletes. The existing rubberized surface is in good condition and thus will be reused for the new design. It is expected that by upgrading currently inadequate (and thus underutilized) facilities will save upwards of $200,000 (400% savings) compared to partnering with another project to build a 200m track around a new indoor tennis facility at the new City Southside Arena and Sports Complex. Aside from the financial savings, the upgrading of existing facilities will also offer reduced strain on the athletes body than a flat 200m track, thus reducing the propensity of over-use injuries on the track.


Elite was retained to perform a conceptual design and 3D rendering of a Solid Waste Material Recovery Facility (SMRF). It is hoped that the new facility can divert upwards of 10,500 metric tonnes of waste to be recycled and re-used which would otherwise be trucked to a landfill, over an hour's drive away.


Notice the solar panels on the roof, as well as the translucent paneling along the top perimeter of the building which harnesses the sun's energy to reduce lighting and electrical costs. Other green building measures such as installation of wind turbines for electrical production will also be considered in the final design.


The facility was designed to maximize space and costs by integrating all indoor components into one building, and radially surrounded by the outdoor operations. Offices are located at the front of the building on two floors, including a boardroom and employee gym. The design also incorporates full locker and shower rooms. Employees access the sorting and shipping floors through the locker room only so that sanitation can be controlled to-from work. An enclosed mezzanine connected from the office section of the building is available so that all operations can have a bird's eye view. Even the scalehouse is located within the main building envelope.


The main operating floor of the building includes the tipping, sorting, and shipping floors, a three-bay equipment maintenance shop at the rear, indoor storage for bailed material recovered from the sorting process to be sold and shipped to market, and a below grade building to ease the shipping of sorted solid waste material.

Volume 18 NO. 5 - September/October 2007 - People on the Move
Scott Davis, a veteran engineer and Fredericton native, recently returned to his hometown to open Elite Engineering Solutions, a project development consulting company.

Source: http://www.atlanticbusinessmagazine.com/septoct07/people_on_the_move.php

SPECIALIZING IN TAKING RISK OUT OF BUILDING: Scott Davis, owner of Elite Engineering Solutions, stands near the Fredericton southside arena development on Kimble Drive. Davis recently opened Elite Engineering Solutions, which provides consulting and design services with a specialty in urban-land development.

Company works to cut down on surprises in land developments

Mark Taylor
Published Monday July 23rd, 2007
Appeared on page C1

A new Fredericton engineering company wants to help you with your development projects.

Elite Engineering Solutions recently opened for business. The company provides consulting and design services with a specialty in urban-land development.

Scott Davis, owner of Elite Engineering Solutions, said he uses a proactive approach to cut down on disputes in development projects.

"This reduces the project's risk," said Davis.

Customers will receive the best work possible for the best price, said Davis.

"I won't nickel-and-dime clients for sound advice and I don't believe all technical advice needs an expensive and time-consuming report," he said. "This value-added service keeps my clients happy. I believe this attention to detail makes for a great consulting engineer that stands out."

Davis said his business will provide services throughout the life of a project, from feasibility to construction management and contract administration. He said the company will also provide project management services.

"We can summarize and provide progress reports so that the client can get back to what he (or) she does best -- run his (or) her business," Davis said.

The business also helps with finding environmentallly friendly solutions for developments, he added.

Davis said there is value in seeking advice from a consulting engineer early in the development of a project.

"What is important to note is that on all projects 80 per cent of the costs are determined within the first 20 per cent of the project timeframe," he said. "Clients who leave the experts out of the decision-making in this critical first 20 per cent will indeed suffer later in the project with broken budgets, over-run schedules, and sour relationships. I would like to help clients make these important decisions so that the project can run smoothly and efficiently."

Elite Engineering Solutions has a website at www.eliteengsolutions.ca

Source: http://dailygleaner.canadaeast.com/search/article/35391


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